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Level Up Your Skills,

Land Your Dream Job Faster!

It’s a war out there. Competition for electrical engineer job openings has grown fiercer than a single job ad can pull in 100-200 resumes. Faced with this over-supply of applicants, hiring companies have grown extremely picky, they favor candidates who specialize in a specific skill they need.

Join this online course to help yourself stand out from the sea of competition and land your dream job as a…

·      Electrical Power Systems Designer Engineer

·      Electrical Site Engineer

·      Substation Electrical Engineer

·      Electrical Control and Maintenance Engineer

·      Renewable Energy Electrical Engineer

Let’s face it…

Skills & A College Degree Alone Is Not Enough

One late summer evening, two young men sat on their own desks, writing job applications to dozens of companies.

They were very much alike. Both had just been graduated from the same university with the same Electrical Engineering Degree. Both were also very talented and filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Five years later, these young men returned to their college for a small reunion party. They were still very much alike.

But there was one difference. One of the men is still struggling to get a good-paying job. The other was already making a good living from his dream job.

What made the difference?

The difference lies in the next step they took after they graduated. While the one who is still struggling to land a good-paying job never invested in himself. The other was joined a certification course, so he can easily position himself as a trusted expert in a specific field.

That’s the importance of joining a certification program like our Professional Electrical Engineering Course.

You’ve learned a lot from the college.

But if you want to land your dream job… and if your dream job is to become an Electrical Power Systems Designer, then you NEED to join this course. So that you can stand out from the competition… so that you can apply for a job with full confidence… so that landing your dream job would be much easier.

What You’ll Learn…

1. Electrical low Voltage Systems Design

2. Lighting Systems Design

3. Electrical Power Systems Protection

3. Photovoltaic Systems Design

4. Electric Motor Control Circuits Design

Once You Completed the Program, You’ll Receive Two Certifications with Your Name On Them.

  1. 23 Hours of Electrical Power Systems Design and Protection Online Diploma.
  2. 10 Hours of Electric Motor Control Circuits Design Online Course.

Your investment to enroll in this online certification program is just $100.

And for that price, not only you’re going to invest in yourself by growing your skill, but you’ll also get two certifications… the proof that you’re better than the others who only have an Electrical Engineering Degree in their resume.

So why wait? Do yourself a favor. Join the program today to increase your chance of landing your dream job!

Course Curriculum

  Electrical Low Voltage Systems Design
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Electrical Power Systems Protection
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Lighting Systems Design
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Photovoltaic Systems Design
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Electric Motor Control Circuits Design Course Included
Available in days
days after you enroll

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