Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you locate?

1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 1200

Sheridan, Wyoming 82801, United States

Can I see student reviews?

yes, please press the link below to read reviews on Trustpilot

Are you certified?

yes, we are a certified electrical engineering company available online, we have a professional electrical engineer license from Wyoming State, United States and we can help you to get a professional electrical engineer license

please press the link below to read the company certificate of formation

Does your certificate recognize by any party?

it's recognized by our American company EPS LLC and Wyoming state and it's internationally recognized

How long is this course?

36 training hours

How long does it take to complete my courses?

it depends on your available time, for example, course length 36 hours divided by your studying hours let's say 4 hours a day, therefore, you will complete the course in 9 days

Is this course live or recorded?

it's a recorded videos lectures

How do I communicate with the instructor and students?

comment below the lecture or send us an email

Will I get lifetime access to the course?

yes, add to that its updates without paying additional fees

How much this course?

our regular price till now is 100$ for the PEE bundle and the price increase with time according to new updates and adding new job skills to it

When does this course start?

start studying the course immediately after payment

Do you accept students from any country?

yes, we have thousands of students around the world, we accept all countries, all genders, and all ages

how do I apply?

press enroll in the course then fill all the required fields your card payment information after that press the buy button to complete your order

How long does it take to get my certificates?

within 48 hours after the course completion