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Our goal is to educate young electrical engineers to get job-ready, improve job-related skills, be in demand and advance their careers.

We Are Professional Electrical Engineers.

Electrical Design

Design Reliable Electrical Power System for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Facilities according to Standard Specifications and Code Requirements.

Electrical Protection

Essential Course to Safeguard The Entire System You Will Learn How To Prevent, Detect and/or Fix Electrical Faults as efficiently as possible. This Course Covers The Relevance and Testing Mechanisms of Electrical Power System Protection, Including Real-World Exercises With The Technical Concepts behind it.

Electric Motor Control

Great Foundation of Motor Controls based on Frequently used and Common Applications, This Course Build Your Knowledge to understand and Design Complicated Electric Control Circuits.

after this course you will have deep understands of production process and electrical maintenance.

Interior Lighting Systems Design

Professional Lighting Distribution Require Academic Studies, Drawing Skills and Sense of Art to Combine a Set of Ideas and Techniques to Illuminate Areas and Reflect Facility Perfect Image.

PV Systems Design

No Theories Just Complete Project Design.

Home Wiring

Coming Soon.